We were challenged to create the major images and parts of a future Olympics campaign. I chose the Winter Olympics set in the Val d' Aosta valley in the Italian Alps. These are a selection of the parts,  Style card, pictographs and ticketing.
I chose a simplification of the Edelweiss (Nobel White in German), a scarce short-lived Alpine flower, as the Identity of these Winter Games.  This flower, found in remote mountain areas, is used in the Alps as a symbol for rugged beauty and purity associated with the Alps and it expresses, for me, the idea of the Winter games. Its identifier is the circle of floret pods and long petals.
In forming these pictographs, I drew on the history of the host city. They are designed using the columns and window arches of the Roman Theater build in Aosta by the Emperor Augustus in 25 BC.
The event tickets required two things, one of which was a tear away portion. I used the most famous local mountain, Mont Blanc, as the ‘tear’ point. The colors seen here are not event specific, however the filled sky indicates an outside event. The event is specified using the specific pictograph.
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